Photos : Frédérique Ménard-Aubin


Abîmés presents a selection of short plays by Samuel Beckett with a cast of atypical actors, in order to give new resonance to the tragedy of birth, to despair, and to the will to survive them both. By revisiting the texts What Where, Breath, Ohio Impromptu and Not I, Joe Jack and John aims to create a world apart, “a stain on silence”, forged from the music of Beckett’s words and the offbeat rhythms of the performers.

Original Concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois

Text: Samuel Beckett

Cast: Marc Béland, Guillermina Kerwin, Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, and Michael Nimbley

Dramaturg, and Rehearsal Assistant: Pénélope Bourque

Video Designer: Jean-François Boisvenue

Costume Designer: Julie Emery

Technical Director: Francis Vaillancourt-Martin

Lighting Operator: Cédric Descamps

Publicity: Élizabeth (RuGicomm)