Photos : Adrienne Surprenant


AVALe follows the life of two characters in their fifties whose frustrations and disappointments just keep on accumulating… until the final straw. Constant noise, renovations, job failure, isolation, and poor health turn an empty roll of toilet paper into a pretext for nuclear war.

Rage is an emotion that drives and transforms us. Yet before it gets to the point of taking over our bodies, months and even years of unexpressed emotions must build up enough pressure to create an explosion. It is this prologue to rage that fascinates Joe Jack et John, as well as the feelings it involves: powerlessness, suppression, and exclusion.


Devised by the company, with J-F Nadeau
Original Concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois

Cast: Anthony Dolbec, Michael Nimbley and Jacqueline van de Geer
Costume/Design Associate: Julie Emery
Lighting Designer: Martin Sirois
Music: Jez
Assistant/Support Person: Marilyne Fournier
Technical Director: Maxime Bouchard

Stage Manager: Clémence Doray

Production Manager: Pénélope Bourque
Graphic Design: Mivil

Publicity: Rugicomm