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Since its foundation, Joe Jack et John is engaged in the creation of theatre works that are collective, inclusive and performative, integrating artists with an intellectual disability within their teams. This season, we need your help once more to realize a very special project.

With our next production VIOLETTE, which makes an innovative use of virtual reality and theatre, Joe Jack et John wishes to bring forward the voices of the most vulnerable women and address an tragic reality lived by too many intellectually disabled women: between 70 and 90% of them will be victims of sexual abuse during their lives. By making a donation to Joe Jack et John, you will help Violette share her story and bring awareness to a drama lived by too many women and spoken of too little.


A tax receipt will be issued for donations of 20$ or more.

Please note that because of the specific format of the show, this year there will  be no fundraising gala.


50$ and above | An Attentive Ear
Tax receipt+ Trio pencils of Joe Jack et John (3 colors!)

150$ and above | A Big Heart
Like an Attentive Ear
+ T-shirt of the company

350$ and above | A #MeToo Activist
Like a Big Heart
+ Personalized letter from Violette

1000$ and above| A Confidant
Like a #MeToo Activist
+ Gift certificate between 100$ and 200$ at one of our partners :
Station Myo and Buvette chez Simone (limited quantity)

2500$ and above | An Unconditional Support
Like a Confidant
+ Honorable mention in our communications
+ 2 tickets for VIOLETTE in May or June 2020
+ meeting with the director and one of the actresses of VIOLETTE


Station Myo
Buvette chez Simone


Joe Jack and John was founded with the belief that art and social engagement could exist. It’s with this core value that for 16 years the company has been producing original multidisciplinary shows combining video, dance, spoken word, and bilingualism. Our artistic approach is deeply humanistic and inclusive ; our creations represent a social microcosm by integrating professional actors with an intellectual disability or from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We favour devised creation for projects that centre on current social issues. The uniqueness of our casting is as much about aesthetic research as it is about promoting human encounters: we aim to make heard the voices rarely listened to; to encourage reflection on contemporary issues, including those of inclusion; and to move the social conversation forward through art.


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CEO | Odem International

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Manager of Organizational Development and Training | VYV

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Lawyer | Gayrard Avocats

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Philippe Lombart
Owner | Espace Mile End

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Principal Analyst and Actuary | TD Assurances

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Owner and Massage Therapist | Mon oasis santé