Photos : Catherine Aboumrad & Mikael Theimer

Dis merci

In Dis Merci, four neighbours are getting ready to throw a party for a refugee family arriving in Canada. Despite their best intentions to welcome the newcomers into their lives with genuine warmth, they quickly descend into prejudice, stereotypes, and dysfunction. Through dance, theatre, knitting, and even inflatable objects, this deliciously awkward and collectively devised piece cracks open complex issues around how we treat anyone who deviates from the norm.

Joe Jack & John incorporates elements of dance and visual arts into its politically engaged artistic practice, in order to throw into question the very notion of “normal”. Co-founder Catherine Bourgeois has created a searingly relevant show with an integrated cast of people living with and without disabilities.

Original Concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois
Devised by the company, with Pénélope Bourque
Cast : Marc Barakat, Dany Boudreault, Emma-Kate Guimond, & Papy Maurice Mbwiti
Sound Designer : Éric Forget
Lighting Designer : Audrey-Anne Bouchard
Costume Designer : Amy Keith
Assistant Costume Designer : Zoe Roux
Technical Director & Stage manager: Sophie Bergeron
Dramaturg : Sara Fauteux
Participation in the creation of the text Ally Ntumba
Assistant Writer & Rehearsal Assistant : Lorie Ganley
Sign Language Interpreter/Translator (LSQ) : Nico Bonin-Gauthier
Sign Language Advisor/Translator (LSQ) : Daz Saunders
Relaxed Performance Advisor : Clayton Baraniuk
Publicity : RuGicomm
Production Coordinator : Pascale St-Onge
Surtitles translation : Leanna Brodie
Touring Agent: Esther Charron
Co-Presenter : Espace Libre


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With its steady pace, clever mix of registers, and singular combination of sweet madness and social observation – not to mention the considerable vigour of the four performers – the show is one of the company’s most successful: without a doubt the richest and balanced from a dramaturgical point of view. – Christian St-Pierre, Le Devoir

As always, Catherine Bourgeois’ staging includes several ingenious discoveries, and manages to do a lot with a little. (…) Afterwards, the show lives inside us for days, and some of its elements, which seemed anodine at first glance, find meaning once digested. – Aurélie Olivier, JEU, Revue de Théâtre

Halfway between performance and theatre, Dis merci, an original new play by the company Joe Jack & John, intelligently examines our relationship to the Other, in all of its humanity and clumsiness Rose Carine Henriquez, VOIR

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