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Founded in 2003, Joe Jack & John turns 18 this year!
Of age (and vaccinated), JJJ is now eligible to vote…
but we didn’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves.

4 chances to vote, 4 chances to give :
8 artists from the company will face off in heated debate through videos
broadcast every week until December 20th!

Support Joe Jack & John and the artists in their fold, and cast your votes!

Chicken or egg

Marc Béland,

Michael Nimbley,
Artist in Residence


Artistic Direction, Photography and Director: Christian Blais
Editing and Assistant Direction: Marilou Crispin
Acting Direction and Script: Catherine Bourgeois
Camera : Hicham El Alj
Animation: Julie Rainville
Production: The Unknown
Concept and General Coordination: Charlie Julien
Costume Design: Marianne Lonergan Pilotto
Rehearsal Coach: Aude Lachapelle
Production Coordination and Script: Pénélope Bourque
Technical Assistant: Audrey Belzile

Marc Béland (Egg)
Michael Nimbley (Chicken)
Stephanie Boghen (Tiger)
Maryline Chery (Elephant)
Anne Tremblay (To Be)
Angie Cheng (Not To Be)
Edon Descollines (Poetry)
Amélie Dumoulin (Line Dancing)
Line Dancing Actors:
Stephanie Boghen, Maryline Chery, Aude Lachapelle, Anne Tremblay