Crédit photo : Adrienne Surprenant

je ne veux pas marcher seul

Three performers/characters confront each other while delving into different aspects of fear. The action revolves around the character of Edon, as inspired by the life of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager shot by a member of a Miami neighborhood patrol in the winter of 2012.

This play examines our terror of the Other, showing how it is used to justify discriminatory and violent language and actions. In a dozen scenes freely inspired by recent xenophobic acts in the United States and Canada, the piece also illustrates the wide spectrum of fear: from flagrant racism to hidden anguish… while also underlining the deliberate manipulation of fear as a tool for controlling the masses.

Through dance, testimonials, rap, and video projections, Joe Jack et John delivers a multidisciplinary piece with a resolutely contemporary form. The company also stays true to its atypical casting mandate with the inclusion of an actor with an intellectual disability.

Original Concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois

Devised by the company, with Kevin Williamson

Cast: Edon Descollines, Francis Ducharme, Étienne Thibeault, Dorian Nuskind-Oder and Angie Chang

Rehearsal Assistant: Marilyne Fournier

Lighting Designer: Martin Sirois

Costume Designer: Julie Emery

Music: Chafiik

Technical Director and Stage Manager: Anne-Sara Gendron

Lighting Operator: Cédric Descamps

Publicity: Valérie Grig (RuGicomm)