Elvis, 52 years old, mopes around his dingy old apartment, rolling his own cigarettes, and hoping for the courage to invite his neighbour over, one day, to share a slice of pizza.  Meanwhile, fortunately, there is Mimi, the imaginary woman he has dreamed up to escape the banality of his existence.

Together, they plot to make Elvis an instant TV star by beating the Guinness world record for eating popcorn. Expect excess… and maybe even a love story. One thing’s for sure: not everyone will get out of this apartment alive.

Mimi, a site-specific play for three unique actors and an adventurous audience.

Devised by the company

Original Concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois

Assistant Director: Amélie Dumoulin

Performers/Collaborators: Michael Nimbley, Catherine Lépine-Lafrance, and Catherine L’Écuyer

Music: Jez

Costume Associate: Julie Emery

Production Manager: Sonia Montagne

Publicity: Valérie Grig

Mimi received a Creation Residency in January 2009 at the Maison de la culture du Plateau Mont-Royal.