Photos : Arthur Gauthier


Inspired by the November 2016 US elections, JUMO follows a group of citizens frightened by the political changes in the air. An eminent researcher announces that each human has a double … “Fake news” or attempt at distraction? Will fraternity and solidarity overcome the isolation of these terrified individuals?

From 2011 to 2017, Joe Jack and John has partnered with Quebec Down Syndrome to offer theatre workshops to their adult members. In the course of the workshops, the participants use improvisation to collectively create a play. JUMO is the fruit of these encounters, and was produced with the financial support of Montreal’s TELUS Community Investment Fund.

Kamil Assoussi

Sabrina Auclair

Félix Bégin-Hétu

Maude Berrigan

Kevin Bouchard-Miccoli

Loulou Btul Aljaiouch

Noémie Caron

Louis Harel

Carl Hennebert

Charles-Eli Jacob

Francis Lacombe-Tremblay

Célia Léveillé-Marois

Joël Martin

Nicola Perrotta

Julie Quévillon

Jordan Riendeau

Mark Scanlon

Thierry Sicuro

Virginia Torres

Sandrine Vaillancourt

Christophe Veillet

Text: Michelle Parent

Director: Mireille Camier

Set/Costume Designer: Julie-Ange Breton

Video/Technical Director: Samuel Thériault

Music: Jez

Artistic Director: Catherine Bourgeois