Quand j’étais un animal (Manuel de taxidermie) (2004)

Inspired by the rather peculiar subject of taxidermy, Quand j’étais un animal (Manuel de taxidermie) shows us two young women, including an actress living with an intellectual disability. Over the course of a dozen scenes – which take the form of a short (fictional) taxidermy manual – the show portrays two contemporary women examining their own desires, self-image, and bodies.

Devised by the company

Original concept/Director: Catherine Bourgeois

Dramaturg/Assistant Director: Amélie Dumoulin

Cast: Geneviève Morin-Dupont, Pascale St-Jean, and Gaëtan the mouse

Voice-over: Monelle Guertin
Original Music: Julie Rousse
Costumes: Julie Charland

Set Design Associate: Marie-Hélène Généreux

Graphic Design: Mivil
Publicist: Anne-Marie Grondin

Produced in collaboration with Les Muses: Center for the Performing Arts and O Patro Vys.