Since its inception, Joe Jack & John has been focusing on  stage accessibility for artists with disabilities, while working on making their plays accessible to a wide audience. When creating Dis merci in 2018, Joe Jack & John’s team worked with Espace Libre to put together their first two relaxed performances. These performances sold out quickly and were a crucial moment in the creation of Dis merci.

Relaxed performances are open to all, especially to people who have a sensory or intellectual disability, a neurological or learning disability, and to people with newborns. The sound and visual ambience of the show as well as the reception are adapted to create a calm and inclusive environment.

By developing accessibility to its plays, the company pursues its inclusive mission and hopes to inspire the community to develop its own initiatives. Espace Libre theatre continues to offer relaxed performances in its programming. Also, in 2020, five performances of Dis merciwithin the Réseau Accès Culture will be relaxed.

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Photos: Jay Leblanc