Violette welcomes you into her apartment. She invites you – and only you – to enter the privacy of her bedroom… and then, of her imagination. Explore this real-world space as if you were at the home of a friend. Then put on your VR headset… and become the sole witness to the apartment’s untold story: both magical and tragic. Finally, take the headset off: return to real life and a real apartment. You may never look at this world – the one you share with Violette and the rest of us – quite the same way again.

JJJ continues to explore and innovate; this time by developing a novel dramatic form that incorporates the use of virtual reality (VR). VIOLETTE is a site-specific theatrical work for an audience of one, using digital art to offer a new kind of intimate experience. In this piece exploring themes of isolation and consent, each participant is given the chance to enter one woman’s unique inner world and access her unusual perspective on a reality often experienced by marginalized women.

Upcoming dates:
Jan 27 – Feb 7, 2021
Théâtre La Seizième
Presented in partnership with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Duration : 25 minutes

Set Designer and Director: Catherine Bourgeois
Writer: Amélie Dumoulin
Performers: Stephanie Boghen, Tamara Brown, Stéphanie Colle and Anne Tremblay
Costume Designer: Amy Keith
Sound Designer: Éric Forget
Set Design Assistants: Noémie Avidar and Alizée Millot
Direction of Photography/VFX Superviser: Sébastien Gros
Compositor/animator: Genevieve Coulombe
Developer: Peter Wilkinson
Editor: Martin Morissette
Integration / VR Experience Consultant: UNLTD inc.
Translator: Leanna Brodie
Virtual Reality Consultant: Olivia McGilchrist
Technical Director: Brandon Hepworth
Stage Manager and Rehearsal Coach: Lorie Ganley 
Production Director: Pénélope Bourque
Set building: Sophie Bergeron and Gauvin Fabrique
Graphic Designer: Gris Gris Design

The process : On arrival, you will proceed to the box office for instructions about when and where to meet Violette. At the specified time, you will enter the elevator. Violette will greet you and lead you to a booth where the virtual reality experience will take place. After introducing herself and her story, she will guide you in putting on the VR headset (which will have been disinfected beforehand). The virtual reality segment runs for 17 minutes. After that, you will remove the headset and find yourself alone in the booth. You will then leave the booth and the theatre by following the designated path.

Trigger warning/Disclaimer: This work addresses the theme of sexual violence and of the other abuses that women with disabilities may experience. However, there are no graphic scenes of these acts in this piece.

Accessibility: VIOLETTE‘s performances are accessible to persons with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. Staff on site will guide you to the adapted washrooms, if needed.

This experience is not available in Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), American Sign Language (ASL), or through described audio. Please contact us if you wish to receive the text beforehand or if you have any other questions: or 514-279-9821.

For more details and to consult the health warnings, click HERE.

Photos : Charles Lafrance and Gopesa Paquette

Sanitary measures:

– The virtual reality headset and the headphones used during the experience are sterilized after each participant using a Cleanbox, a device which is tested by an independent lab and which employs UVC light to eliminate coronavirus bacteria.

– All the objects and surfaces that the audience will come in contact with during the experience are disinfected after each use with quaternary ammonium.